A Brief History of the Frankston SES Unit

The Frankston State Emergency Service has been operating for more than 40+ years. Frankston SES provides emergency response to the residents of Frankston, Also Langwarrin, Mt Eliza, Karingal and where ever the Frankston SES is needed.

Callouts are mainly for building damage caused by storms, flash flooding, and lighting for emergency incident scenes and sometimes Road Accidents.

There are currently about 80+ active members, with new volunteers always welcome.

We also have many vehicles for differnet Jobs, Click on the Vehicle tab on the navigation bar on top of the website for information on them.


Members Availability

Frankston State Emergency Service is always available to take on most members from the community of Frankston and some surrounding areas to become Frankston SES Volunteers, At the Frankston unit we also have a program called SES Juniors, Where we take on Teenagers aged from 16 to 18, And give them a head start of the SES Before they are allowed on the field, It gives them allot of knowledge of what the older members do and what the older members can pass onto them, So by the time they are 18 they should have the knowledge on what they should have to do out on a Job,

For more information on the Juniors Program and to become an operational member,
Give Brian McMannis a call on 0418 330 751



32A McCulloch Avenue, Seaford, Victoria | 9786 4666

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