No#1 Primary Road Rescue Vehicle (Fitted with Hydraulic Jaws of life, Cutters, Scissors and Ram, Followed by other fantastic tools) If there is a Road Accident, This truck is usually out of the yard in between 3 to 4 minutes, Considering members have to wake up, Get dressed, Get into vehicles, Get to LHQ (Local Head Quarters), Sign in, Get in truck and head off, They do a magnificent job.


Rescue 2 is also known as rescue 1's Backup Vehicle, Depends of situation of the, Rescue 2 can also been used to deploy for a storm job, Such as a Tree Down Traffic Hazard, or Tree down on power lines, Rescue 2 is also fitted with some of the older road accident tools and Brand new Holmatro Portable Gear As you might see in the photos in locker 2.


Rescue 3 is also one of our storm vehicles for smaller jobs such as a tree on a footpath or roof tiles that have come off a roof and the roof needs a quick repair, This vehicle is fitted with 3 Chainsaws and tarps to cover over holes on roofs that are Damaged, This truck also has its own locker a generated water pump and thousands of sand bags, This is used for in case of water overflowing in the drains and the water starts to enter residents houses, In this case SES would fill the sand bags up with sand and then surround the front or back of the property with them, Then after that out comes the water pump to pump the water out of the house back onto the road or drains.


Support 1 is mostly in the hands of Brian McMannis (Controller of Frankston SES) This is the vehicle Brian uses to respond in, Considering Brian goes to just about every job, He usually goes direct and gets there before the rescue trucks just to let Frankston LHQ get a good understanding of what’s going on, So when the rescue trucks or storm vehicles are attending they know what they are facing when they arrive there. 


Support 2 is just like Support 1, It can be used for carrying members from job to job in it, also for a quick response crew to be first on scene to see what the problem is and then radio back to Frankston for the details. It can possibly be used for in case all of our trucks are out and there are still multiple storm jobs, In that case Support 2 would be reversed up to the shed and the storm trailer would be hooked up and then support 2 can head off to other storm jobs with members on board.

Frankston Bus

Frankston Bus what is a Toyota Hiace Van, Is used for transporting our members Whether it is for a PR (Public Relations E.g. Hindu Temple Carrum Downs Opening Night) the bus also might be used for transporting our members to a job whether some of our members have been there for a few hours and they need a relief, So we would get more members down and then go to the job and swap over the more refreshed members with the wound out members to come back to LHQ for welfare.

Frankston Transport

Frankston Boat

Mass Casualty Trailer

Storm Trailer

Lighting Trailer




Victoria State Emergency Service (VICSES) has a three tier training system.

Volunteer Unit based training

Our volunteers complete weekly training that is delivered by experienced and suitably qualified volunteer members. This empowers volunteers with local knowledge and understanding of the critical rescue requirements of their area to take on the initial responsibility for their Unit's training and assessment, with support and guidance from Regional Officers.

Safety Training Package which covers all State and Territory Emergency Services, as well as police and fire services.

VICSES volunteers complete competencies in both general and specialised rescue from the National Public Safety Training Package while completing formal qualifications that range up to Certificate III in Public Safety in both SES Rescue and SES Operations.


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